Writing Biography: Rosemary Vaughn

Rosemary Vaughn

Rosemary Vaughn

Rosemary Vaughn was born and raised on the Canadian prairies. After receiving her BA in English and high school teaching certification, she taught high school English for three years. After marrying her high school sweetheart in the early 1970s, they eventually made their home in British Columbia for three years where her husband served his commitment with the Canadian Armed Forces. During this time, their two children were born. The family spent the last two years of service on the remote Queen Charlotte Islands, now officially known as Haida Gwaii, off the northwest coast of Canada. This unique experience and environment provided fertile ground for Rosemary’s debut novel Love on the Misty Isles.

Considering herself a “Jack-of-all-trades and Master of none,” Rosemary has some skill in her many interests such as writing, art, singing and acting. When her family emigrated from Canada to the US in 1977, she put many of her interests and skills, especially writing, to good use for community, church, and school. On a personal level, Rosemary has written her family’s Christmas letter in rhyming poetry for the past thirty-seven years.

When her children were in high school, Rosemary returned to education and achieved her Master’s in English and PhD in Teaching and Learning. While at the university, she taught composition and secondary education preparation courses, served as Director of Student Teaching, and became a full-time professor in the Secondary Education Program. Her writing during this period was academic in nature, often focusing on her expertise in portfolio use as an evaluation tool in teacher preparation and her constructivist and reflective philosophy in methods of teaching. Rosemary presented these themes at national conferences and published them in educational journals. Her educational experience and familiarity with campus culture provide fodder for her fictional writing and bring realism to her characters at all levels of educational settings in her novel.

After retirement, Rosemary, an avid reader, turned her passion for writing to fiction and creative non-fiction, including humorous personal essays on everyday life. Her writing has been inspired through her association with SolWriters, a group of women writers in Florida, the Brainerd Writers Alliance in Minnesota, and the national groups Women Writing the West, and in the past Romance Writers of America.

Rosemary’s initial foray into fiction was a novella in the romance genre which eventually grew into a novel in three parts. She is thrilled to have published her debut novel Love on the Misty Isles and to be receiving such positive responses from readers. Some reader reactions appear on her blog and book tabs.

Rosemary’s experiences in the classroom, presentations at national conferences, and her enthusiasm make her an engaging speaker. She would be happy to present and discuss her book with groups such as book clubs.

Rosemary may be contacted at pine2palmwriter@gmail.com

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