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The Writing Challenge

Often at author events, writers are approached by folks who say, “Oh, I should write a book. I’ve got lots of great ideas!” Some writers are offended by this because it gives the impression that people think anyone can write a book. It’s a breeze. Rather than getting...

Sequel Teaser to Love on the Misty Isles

Having written “Love on the Misty Isles” as a very mature adult, I thought my debut novel might be “one and done.” My readers, however, have been urging me for the sequel. Having received recognition through MCP Author Awards and Next Generation Indie Book Awards, I have been encouraged to think more seriously about putting to paper a sequel that has been circulating in my head since the publication of “Love on the Misty Isles.”

Back to the Misty Isles

Several readers have mentioned that my book has made them want to make a trip to the islands to enjoy its rugged beauty and explore the art and culture of the talented Haida First Nations. While doing research for my book Love on the Misty Isles, I discovered many...

Food for Thought

It had been suggested that I should include discussion questions about Love on the Misty Isles for women’s book clubs which often consist of women who like to learn things and discuss issues while still enjoying a good love story. Since it was too late to add such a...

A Rose by Any Other Name

  Twenty-two years ago, January 19, 1995, my mother passed away. There are still times when I think of things I must tell her or ask her, but then remember, I can’t. Memories of her are still triggered at unexpected times through unique events. In an earlier post, I...

Well, Hello Dolly

In an earlier blog post describing activities of our SolWritersGroup, I mentioned that each March we hold a Coffee House where we give public reading of short pieces by members of our Sol Sisters. We also serve homemade light snacks, sweet treats, coffee and iced...

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