Crocus FlowersHaving written Love on the Misty Isles as a very mature adult, I thought my debut novel might be “one and done.” My readers, however, have been urging me for the sequel. Having received recognition through MCP Author Awards and Next Generation Indie Book Awards, I have been encouraged to think more seriously about putting to paper a sequel that has been circulating in my head since the publication of “Love on the Misty Isles.” I continued, however, to let other interests and life distract me from delving into the project until this spring.

After writing an introductory seven-chapter draft, I found that my readers aren’t the only ones requesting a sequel to “Love on the Misty Isles.” The characters from my debut novel are again wrapping on the inside my head telling me they want to be a part of it, while also approving my introduction of a new character and a different setting.

Readers of “Love on the Misty Isles” will recall that near the end of the novel, Libby and Sheryl (Dr. Shirlee) learned that, although they had never met, the women along with Libby’s brother Corbin had all come from the fictional prairie town of Crocus Plains, Manitoba. The sequel is set in this prairie town, and the main character of this story is Penny Ryan who happens to be the same age as Sheryl. The sequel thus also becomes a prequel because readers will follow Sheryl and Penny experiencing their growing up years together as best friends. Penny will also know Libby and Corbin in their childhood and young adulthood, whereas Sheryl had not.

I have given the short Prologue to a few readers to see if it captured their interest in wanting to read the new novel. They have all expressed that desire, so I am now attempting to focus on completing at least the first draft of my sequel/prequel to “Love on the Misty Isles” by the end of the summer. I am now on Chapter Ten. From the Prologue, readers will understand that the story will be somewhat of a family saga at first, including parts of Penny’s father’s life before delving completely into hers as the main character. Will the story return to the remote islands of Haida Gwaii? You’ll have to wait and see. 🤣

The working title is “Penny For Your Thoughts.” The familiar phrase “a penny for your thoughts” may appear occasionally in the story; however, because my readers have been so supportive and encouraging in the writing of this sequel/prequel, I am writing it for them. I am, therefore, giving to you, my readers, Penny and her life’s story for your thoughts.


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