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Reader Reactions

Reader Reactions to Penny for Your Thoughts


Marilyn, a prairie girl herself from Manitoba, states:

Just finished reading Penny for Your Thoughts, Rosemary Vaughn’s prequel/sequel to Love on the Misty Isles. It is definitely a must read, didn’t want to put it down.  I loved the way the characters in the two novels are connected. I could write paragraphs about why I enjoyed Penny for Your Thoughts, but in doing so I would spoil the anticipation of what might happen next.  I do believe that Rosemary Vaughn has another winner. 


Cheryl, a prairie girl from Manitoba, writes from California:

Wow Shirley! I just finished Penny for Your Thoughts and mine are: “so grateful for a wonderful trip down memory lane for me.” You captured growing up on the prairies for this Manitoba girl. I recognized everything and recalled every place.


Jill, Solivita Nana from the Canadian Maritimes writes:

The author weaves the story of Penny into the life of Crocus Plains in a wonderful way. I wanted to find out how it could be that many of the characters in Love on the Misty Isles were from the same small town but did not know each other. Rosemary Vaughn told a wonderful story with great characters. In the process of this enjoyable read, I learned some interesting facts about life on the border of Canada and the USA. A great true-to-life romance!


Mary from Florida comments:

Many of us who read the author’s first book Love on the Misty Isles wanted to hear more about some of the characters from that book and the author did not disappoint. Rosemary Vaughn tied it all together from the past to the present in this new book. Plus, there were a lot of moments that reminded me of my childhood growing up in the 50s and 60s even though I am not Canadian. This is an easy enjoyable read that reminds us that it is never too late to fall in love.


Endorsement from my editor, Amy Sleper, familiar with both books:

In Penny for Your Thoughts, award-winning author Rosemary Vaughn brings readers back to the sweeping Canadian prairies and lush island beauty of Haida Gwaii that fans came to love in her first novel, this time also transporting readers back in time. In this latest novel, Vaughn tells the story of Penny Ryan, a heroine with both heart and brains despite her misfortunes in love and the family secrets that haunt her. Vaughn begins with the tale of Penny’s parents’ love founded during World War II, then shares Penny’s own lifelong quest to find true love. Vaughn once again provides readers with a captivating story of love, loss, and the bonds of friendship that run deeper than family. Readers are sure to lose themselves in this enthralling historical romance from page one!


Jackie, a friend from Connecticut texts:

Hi Shirley, I just finished reading Penny for Your Thoughts and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the ending as Penny finally finds love. You are a really amazing writer. Kudos to you.


Gail, from Alberta, who grew up on the Canadian prairies in Manitoba, writes:

I just finished reading A Penny for Your Thoughts and I wanted to tell that I really enjoyed it. It was fun remembering the familiar schools, houses, recreation spots, the shops and life in general in a small prairie town. Also, I just realized I have not been to the Peace Garden for years. There is a CBC show on tv called Still Standing and I was watching it last night. Jonny Harris goes to small towns across Canada that are struggling to survive. He spends a couple of days with the people there and then has a town hall recap of his stay. Last night he was in Haida Gwaii where he visited with some of the people there. It was very interesting especially after reading your books. It is a pretty spot and I could almost imagine your book characters there in the coffee shop where he was having a cup of coffee. 


Roger from Minnesota texted: I just finished your new book. It took me down memory lane. I know the author and read her first book, so I knew there was a happy ending in store for Penny. It was a good read and I enjoyed it. There were a couple of characters that I related to.


Simonne from British Columbia reminisced: Gingie, on receiving your book, I wasn’t able to wait until I completed my current reading and dove into ‘Penny for Your Thoughts’. 

I’m sure you have and will continue to get positive feedback. Mine will be more personal.

Reading your books has a bonus element for me, feeling close to content. Thanks ‘Rosemary’ for the enjoyment of your books as well as the good memories.


Sharon from the prairies: Enjoyed Penny for Your Thoughts very much as it brought back memories of being a “prairie girl” growing up in a small community. Also, liked the fact that the characters from both novels were eventually reunited. An excellent read.


Gale from New Jersey: I saved reading your new book until I got back to NJ and had time to concentrate on it, and I read it all day yesterday.  I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I loved the characters and, by the descriptions of the locations, I felt I could really see the places they lived.  Their stories were so interesting that I just kept on reading to see what would happen next.  And I loved the way you tied everything back to Love on the Misty Isles.  Everything meshed beautifully.  

You are a great storyteller!  Thank you for sharing your works with me.  I had a wonderful day reading yesterday and couldn’t put the book down until I finished it!  I felt like I had a little mini-vacation in Canada!


Review from Sue Ready on her Ever Ready blog”


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