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Reader Reactions to Love on the Misty Isles

Sue Ready has posted a review of Love on the Misty Isles on her Blog “Ever Ready.” To read, click on the following link:

I have been thrilled by the responses and reactions to my book, which readers have shared with me through emails, texts, and Facebook messages. The comments seem to fall into a few notable themes: an easy page-turning read, relatable characters with their love stories and relationships woven effectively together, thought-provoking even when not reading, interest piqued in Haida Gwaii and the Haida culture, satisfying ending, and anticipation for a sequel or a next book.

Two quotes are presented here as representative of several of the common themes. Excerpts that would be too revealing of the plot have been eliminated.  

Marilyn from Manitoba kept me abreast of her reactions throughout her reading journey. “I am thoroughly enjoying your book. I am an avid reader, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten right into a book in Chapter 1. I just finished Chapter 5, and now I must get back to reading to see what happens next.” Later, she notes, “Well, so much for running my errands today. I made the mistake of sitting down to read for 20 minutes, now I don’t want to put your book down.” She then concludes, “I finished your book. What an excellent read. Sometimes when I’m reading a book, I kind of skim through a few pages. Not at all with your book. It held my interest on every page. I love the way the three stories tied together, and I’m anxiously awaiting a sequel. I know it’s fiction, but I would like to put Haida Gwaii on my bucket list. Would love to see all the arts and crafts and the Misty Isles in general.”



Rita from Florida concurs, writing, “I loved it! Love on the Misty Isles kept me intrigued. You are a great storyteller! I felt each story takes the reader on this woven journey, and along the way you meet these incredible characters, all with unique backgrounds, yet all merged together on this lovely island. The stories were equally captivating because of how you interlaced the stories together using Dr. Shirlee’s Books and Brew as the common thread. Part III was extremely educational, as on the side, I went to my computer to learn more about this indigenous culture. And what a fascinating tribute to the Haida First Nation that I knew nothing about. Thanks so much for the introduction. Simply marvelous! Rosemary Vaughn, you have a fan. I await the next novel from you in the near future.”

Rita McCoy – Emmy Award winner as former Executive Producer of “Colorado Profiles”



I appreciate the support and enthusiasm for my book that the above readers have expressed. Their comments are merely representative of the many supportive statements by several other readers, which I will incorporate into blog posts on my website and other venues. Two comments that tickled me were contributed by Pat from Manitoba who hopes I give Nora Roberts a run for her money, and Leona from North Dakota who thinks the book should be a Hallmark movie. These latter two thoughts are pipedreams, but I appreciate the readers’ belief that they could be possibilities. Thank you to all who gave me such positive, rewarding feedback on my first foray into published fiction.

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    I attended your presentation at Killarney Library. I was curious because I had never before attended an author’s reading and wondered how the presentation and your book would all tie together. I was not disappointed! I just finished reading “Love on the Misty Isles”! I thoroughly enjoyed the “journey to the Misty Isles” and all of the characters. I not only enjoyed reading it but really loved the way you tied all of the characters together! I also found I learned a lot about a beautiful part of Canada I have not yet visited and its people. The women and their stories seemed so real… I could relate to them and of course I was hoping that their love stories had a happy ending. Do hope you will write a sequel!

    • Rosemary Vaughn

      Thank you Betty for your wonderful comments about my book and presentation at the Killarney Library. I’m glad you weren’t disappointed in either. I really enjoyed the evening and meeting you. I have an idea about a sequel. My characters are talking to me. If I decide to go forward with it, I will be posting blogs about its progress. Thanks again for your comments and attending the event.

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    I recently finished reading Love on the Misty Isles. It seemed I could identify with some of the experiences of your characters being from the prairies. I look forward to reading your next work. Congratulations on becoming a published author!

    • Rosemary Vaughn

      I haven’t been able to keep up with my website recently, so I just saw your comment now, Shirley. Thank you so much for your comments. Glad you enjoyed my book. Other readers have asked for the next one, too, and my characters have been rapping me on the inside of my head to continue as well. I finally got started the last couple of weeks and will be starting Chapter Five soon. I hope it will be in place sometime this year. Thank you for your support. Hope you’re keeping warm this cold winter.


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