When I was in my mid-fifties, I heard somewhere, probably on the radio on my way to work, “If you want the truth, ask a woman over fifty.” I was amused by the statement and sensed a tone of sarcasm from the announcer, insinuating that a woman of that age would be more than willing to spout off her opinion about anything with the assertiveness that everyone should accept her words as fact.

Rosemary Vaughn In PinesAs I thought about it, however, the statement did have some veracity to it. A woman in her fifties has gained some wisdom through life experience as well as the confidence to share it. I thought that, if I ever had a Blog, Ask A Woman Over Fifty would be a great title for it. I have long since passed through the door into sixty, so that title wouldn’t work. I have now established an author’s Web site and this Blog Rosemary’s Ramblings. It seemed that an appropriate title for this introductory Blog entry would be “Ask A Woman Over Sixty.”

Now “truth” like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is seen through each person’s personal lens or perspective. In Rosemary’s Ramblings, I intend to present reflections on the writing process and everyday life, samples of my writing, favorite recipes, and reviews of books, movies or television programs. In other words, these snippets of wisdom will be the “truth” as I see it. Please feel free to share your comments—even if you’re not over sixty.

To keep abreast of the progress and insights on current writing projects, please click on the “Projects” page.

Thank you for joining me on Rosemary’s Ramblings.

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