It had been suggested that I should include discussion questions about Love on the Misty Isles for women’s book clubs which often consist of women who like to learn things and discuss issues while still enjoying a good love story. Since it was too late to add such a section to my book without holding up the publication date further, I am adding them to my website. I have developed the following questions for book club discussions or for individual readers to ponder. I would welcome suggestions from readers to add to this list.

1. What is the significance of “place” in the novel, physically and metaphorically?

2. Millennials and Generation X may not understand how Deacon and Sheryl could not have kept in contact throughout their youth and lives, thus losing one another through lack of communication. Discuss how technology has changed communication—positively and negatively.

3. Are the characters realistic and are the plots plausible? Why or why not?

4. Did you learn anything that you didn’t know before? What would you like to know more about?

5. Were there any themes that permeated the novel? Discuss.

6. One of the author’s goals was to illustrate a theme of “unity in diversity.” Did she accomplish this goal? How or why not?

7. What questions would you like to discuss with other readers? Were there any particular issues that could trigger discussion?

8. Although the three parts are intertwined into one novel, each part could stand alone as an individual love story. Which story did you like best or could relate to most? Why? Are they stronger combined together or does it matter?

9. Which main character did you like best or could relate to most? Why?

10. Which male character appealed to you? Why?

11. If this novel were made into a movie, who could you see playing your favorite characters?

12. Were there any characters or plot events that you did not like? Why? If you were writing this novel, what changes would you make?

13.What questions would you like to ask the author? Should there be a sequel to this book? Do you have any thoughts on what or whomits focus should be?

14. What questions or topics for discussion would you add to this list?

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