Love on the Misty Isles
Rosemary Vaughn


Love on the Misty Isles is a trilogy of love stories set on the former Queen Charlotte Islands, now officially known as Haida Gwaii, off the northwest corner of British Columbia, Canada. The three heroines, at some point in their lives, each escape to or from the islands on a Grumman Goose, an eight-seater plane, designed to take-off and land on its belly in the water. The lives of these characters and their love interests are intertwined, and along with their group of friends form the bond of a “family.” This group crosses cultures, generations, and sometimes borders, demonstrating that there can be unity in diversity. Though the plot lines follow twists and turns in each of the main characters’ love stories, the novel is more than a romance, introducing the reader to the beauty of a unique environment and the art and culture of the Haida First Nations.

If you are into urban fantasy, zombies, vampires, futuristic tales, or the paranormal, this book is not for you. It is about ordinary, realistic characters traveling through real life-like experiences and obstacles to their happily-ever-after ending. The novel’s focus is not only on the love developing between intelligent women and strong men, but also caring relationships among family and friends. Because of the unique setting, the characters’ relationship with the environment is also integral to the novel.

Included here are photos of “The Goose” taken in the mid-1970s. Click on the Gallery to see other photos from the Queen Charlotte Islands during that same time. The quality of the photos may be poor because they were taken with a simple camera of the times, but they represent places on the islands mentioned in the novel. The ones of Cemetery Beach are very similar to Agate Beach and North Beach noted in the novel as all these beaches are close to one another along the same coast line.

Goose Front
Goose Back
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