Rosemary Vaughan with Penny for your ThoughtsThe sequel to my debut novel “Love on the Misty Isles” was written at the urging of my readers. The introduction of the new character Penny who grew up with or knew three of the characters in the first novel in the prairie hometown of the fictional Crocus Plains made the sequel also a prequel to “Love on the Misty Isles.” I, therefore, had given my readers Penny and her life’s journey with her friends on the Canadian prairies in “Penny for Your Thoughts” which was released January 31, 2019.

I, therefore, have been very interested in my readers’ thoughts about this second book, and I am very grateful that their feedback has been very positive. Readers of my generation from both Canada and the United States were able to relate to growing up in the 1950s and 60s. One reader from Wisconsin noted that she was surprised that they had sung the same songs and read the same books as we had in Manitoba. Those who grew up on the prairies of Manitoba found the book a trip down memory lane. Readers from both countries also appreciated learning similarities and differences between the countries, for example Canada’s role in World War II. One reader from the Canadian Maritimes also noted that she had learned some interesting facts about life on the border of Canada and the US. Readers  also enjoyed some of the humor. As one reader said, “You are so fun.”

Because of it being a prequel to my debut novel, I was pleased that readers liked the way I connected the characters in the two novels and tied all the past and present together in the sequel/prequel. The positive feedback can probably be summed up in this response: “I could write paragraphs about why I enjoyed ‘Penny for Your Thoughts,’ but in doing so I would spoil the anticipation of what might happen next. I do believe that Rosemary Vaughn has another winner.”

Sue Ready who writes book reviews on her “Ever Ready Blog” gave an inspiring review of my new book. Excerpts from her comments: “Strengths of Vaughn’s writing include giving the readers a sense of place to an area in her sequel focusing on the Canadian prairies, region she is familiar with. With her description of the landscape and everyday life in this region, readers will feel what it’s like to live in a unique area. Vaughn creates authentic and relatable characters through dialogue and interactions as a variety of events unfold. Your interest will be piqued by a scene from the Prologue which will be repeated again towards the end of the book revealing its significance.”

To read Ready’s complete review, click on this link to her blog:

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